Fiber of the Gods

Small Wonder that the ancients considered alpaca fleece to be . . . The Fiber of the Gods.’, Today, we simply say . . . "AlpacaWear ".

Alpaca Fiber and Fashion

Our Fiber of the Gods garments represent a remarkable fusion of fiber and fashion which has produced one of the world’s most luxurious clothing investments. As a fine and rare specialty fiber, the fleece of the alpaca is the result of centuries of adaptation to the high altitude and harsh climate of the Peruvian Andes. Today, alpaca fleece is one of the most sought after exotic fibers in the world. Visit for more info.

Alpaca is stronger than mohair, finer than cashmere, smoother than silk, softer than cotton, warmer than goose down, or the new synthetic fabrics like Gortex, and breathes better than thermal knits. And the really exciting part of these endorsements is that they are all true!

Upon seeing an alpaca for the first time, most people experience a strong urge to touch and hug this loveable little animal. When they feel the alpaca’s fleece, the almost universal response to the silky softness and rich luster is excitement and amazement. Just think, we only shear the alpaca to create this luxurious clothing. Natural, organic, soft, luxurious alpaca is truly Fiber of the Gods.

These Fiber of the Gods garments can be mixed with other fibers including silk, wool, cotton, or lycra. You will find beautiful, luxurious, elegant AlpacaWear clothing, truly Fiber of the Gods, garments for your discriminating taste online. We offer these garments to top fashion houses, boutiques, and the general public. | | | | |